Price list of services of testing centers                                             Back

Name of service Price, €
VCU testing and postregistration trial (annual price for a single variety)
Winter wheat 1128,00
Rye 693,00
fodder roots 846,00
Winter triticale 693,00
Winter rape 564,00
Winter turnip rape 564,00
Spring wheat 1128,00
Spring barley 1128,00
Spring triticale 1128,00
Oat 764,00
Spring rape 846,00
Spring turnip rape 846,00
Bean 564,00
Pea 564,00
Maize 282,00
Early and mid-season potato 564,00
Late season potato 462,00
Soybean 282,00
grasses 282,00
Green manure and intercrops 191,00
Forage root crops 282,00
Soya / flax 282,00
DUS testing
(annual price for a single variety at one location)
I group spring crops 268,00
II group winter crops + pea 315,00
DUS Examination report 320,00
Name of service Machinery used Price, €/h
Plowing MTZ, swivel plough Kverneland ES 26,80
Cultivation MTZ, cultivator 25,00
Cultivation LTZ, cultivator 20,45
Sowing MTZ, combi seeder 24,75
Sowing LTZ, experimental plot seeder Hege 25,60
Sowing MTZ, pneumatic seeder 23,40
Fertilizer spreading T-25 A, fertilizer spreader R-402 Sulky 18,00
Disking and disk harrowing MTZ, knife harrow 3,2 m 23,35
Rolling MTZ, field roller 23,10
Rolling T-25 A, field roller 18,90
Harrowing T-25 A, organic harrow “Sine-022E” 18,10
Spraying MTZ, protection sprayer 22,70
Manual spraying Specialist, manual plant protection sprayer 11,15
Mowing MTZ, rotary mower LN-185 25,40
Mowing LTZ, pasture mower 20,80
Green crop harvesting LTZ, mower 21,10
Green crop harvesting Green fodder combine Hege 212 17,35
Harvesting with plot combine Experimental plot combine Sampo 2010 19,45
Cereal harvesting Combine SAMPO 500 20,00
Loading MTZ (tractor scoop) 21,00
Transport T-25 A, trailer of the tractor LMR 2,5 17,60
Transport LTZ, trailer of the tractor LMR 2,6 21,00
Transport MTZ, trailer IITC-6 23,65
Grass mowing with rotor mower Raider Jonsered FR 2113 MA 15,50
Drying Experimental dryer 34,40
Cereal seed dressing Electric seed dressing machine 13,40
Transport with tipper Tipper 12,10
Transport with tipper Cost per 1 km 0,40
Planting potatoes T-25 15,70
Sorting 13,30
Average hourly cost of a specialist Chief agronome 9,80
Average hourly cost of a specialist Agronome 9,40
Average hourly cost of a specialist Specialist 8,60