Name of analyse/service Price, €
Sample preparation 8,90
Sensory analysis – foreign odours, colour, spicies (grain and cereal products) 10,05
Determination of insect infestation 10,55
Determinaton of impurities in grain (manually) 21,15
Determination of impurities in cereal products (manually) 15,50
Determination of impurities in grain for intervention samples according to
(EC) nr 1272/2009, (EC) 742/2010 and EVS EN15587
Determination of impurities in pulses and oil plant seeds (manually) 21,15
Determination of different colors of seeds
from basic color seeds in pulses and oil plant seeds
Determination of metallomacnetic admixture in grain, cereal products 7,50
Determinatio of particle size in grain and cereals products (sieving) 8,45
Determination of crude protein/nitrogen (reference method) 18,00
Determination of crude protein (express method for grain) 6,85
Determination of test weight 5,15
Determination of 1000 kernel weight (“Numigral”) 9,40
Determination os falling number according to Hagberg-Perten 11,70
Determination of wet gluten content and quality (mechanical method) 15,55
Determination of ash content (cereals and cereal products) 15,50
Determination of ash content in feedstuffs 15,50
Determination of acidity in cereal products 10,20
Farinographic analysis of flour 44,35
Boiling test (cereal products) 6,40
Determination of sedimentation index (Zeleny index) 49,30
Viscographic analysis (amylogram) 44,35
Determination of starch content 25,70
Laboratory breadmaking   test (flour analysis, quality of dough and bread) 92,95
Determination of moisture (rapid method for grain and rapeseed) 7,65
Determination of moisture (reference method) 12,40
Determination of acid value and free fatty acids (FFA) in oil plant seeds 25,20
Determination of peroxide value of oil 14,00
Determination of acid value in oil 25,70
Determination of free fatty acids (FFA) in oil 22,90
Determinatin of erucic acid (refenence method GC) 113,75
Determination of volatile fatty acids (GC) 113,75
Determination of chlorophyll content in rapeseed (reference method) 28,70
Determination of glucosinolates content (reference method) 68,30
Determination of crude fibre content (reference method, Fibertec) 19,00
Determination of neutral detergent fibre (NDF) 25,65
Determination of acid detergent fibre (ADF) 23,25
Determination of lignin 25,65
Determination of crude fat content (reference method) 21,50
Determination of total fat content after acid hydrolysis (reference method) 37,70
Determination of oil content in oil plant seeds (reference method, Soxtec) 57,40
Determination of starch content of wheat and barley kernel (rapid method) 6,85
Determination of sugar content in fruits, vegetables and in samples of plant origin 25,70
Elemental analyze for sample of plant origin N, C, H, O
(Dumas method, total content), incl sample preparation
first element 40,50
every next element 9,15
Determinarion of element S in sample of plant origin
(Dumas method, total content), incl. sample preparation
Determination of organic carbon (Corg) in soil, incl. sample preparation 44,35
Determination of elements N and C in soil
(Dumas method, total content), incl. sample preparation
Determination of elements N-total and Corg in soil
(Dumas method), incl. sample preparation
Determination of ratio of elements N and C in soil, incl. sample preparation 50,72
Determination of ratio of elements N-total and
Corg in soil, incl. sample preparation
Calculation of feed intake or metabolic energy 5,30
Determination of amino acids 224,85
Determination of volatile mustard oil (glucosinolates+moisture) 79,60
Complex analyses for samples in batches in order of arrival of samples  
Quality parameters of RYE or TRITICALE 13,05
Quality parameters of WHEAT
(moisture, protein, test weight, wet gluten, falling number)
Quality parameters (moisture, protein, test weight) of QATS or BARLEY 13,05
Moisture and protein determination of PEA 17,20
Express-analyses of rapeseed
(moisture, oil, protein, glucosinolates, chlorophyll, erucic acid, FFA)
Moisture and oil parameters of rapeseed on express-analyzer 10,55
Determination of impurities in rapeseed
(express method, Sample cleaner SLN3)
Express analyses( nutritional parameters, fermentation quality and metabolic energy) of silage 21,20
Express analyses of nutrional and fermentation parameters in cereals silage 21,20
Reference analyses (dry matter, protein, ADF, NDF, ash, ME,
digestibility and fermentation paremeters) of crushed cereals and cereals silage
Express analyses of feedingstuffs (moisture, protein, crude fibre, crude fat, ash) – InfraXact 17,35
Express analyses   (moisture, protein, crude fibre, fat)
of oilseeds cake and meal (rapeseed, sunflower, soya)
Express analyses (dry matter, protein, ADF, NDF, ash, P, K, Ca, Mg) of grass samples 17,35
Reference analyses (dry matter, protein, ADF, NDF, ash, ME, P, K, Ca, Mg) of corn silage 53,20
Express analyses (express parameters of silage+ash) of corn silage 36,70
Analyses of mix feed (silage parameters+ADF+protein) 62,45
Test protocol in foreign language 8,35