Result based payments network

In 2019 a result based payments network on European level was initiated. One of the main outcome of the network is result based payments home page https://www.rbpnetwork.eu/ which is since 1st of May 2020 freely accessible to anyone. Result based measures can be characterized with getting the payment for results not just for doing required activities (e.g. not for mowing the permanent grassland for required date but for having certain indicator species in the grassland). Initially the result based payments were mostly related with biodiversity, but now more and more options are sought to broaden the scope also to other environment related topics (e.g. soil, water, climate).

On the result based payments home page the following information can be found:

  • applied/planned result based measures/activities,
  • contacts,
  • farmer views,
  • events,
  • news,
  • literature.

Each network member country should have a country profile manager whose main responsibility is to update the home page with related information about their own country. Estonian country profile manager is Eneli Viik from Agricultural Research Centre (eneli.viik[a]pmk.agri.ee). Related information may be sent also directly to the main contact of the network: contact[a]rbpnetwork.eu.

People interested in result based payments can, in addition to just visiting the home page, also register to be part of the network. It guarantees getting from time to time a network e-mail about the latest updates and news but there are also other advantages which are listed in the home page.  

Network contact and Estonian profile manager: Eneli Viik, Agricultural Research Centre, eneli.viik[a]pmk.agri.ee.

+372 672 9137
Address: Teaduse str. 4, 75501 Saku, Harju county, ESTONIA