Evaluation support study on the impact of the CAP on territorial development of rural areas: socioeconomic aspects

The Center for Agricultural Research is participating in a pan-European study commissioned by the European Commission: "Assessing the impact of the CAP on rural territorial development: socio-economic aspects". The survey is conducted by the Austrian Institute for Regional Studies (ÖIR) and the University of Gloucestershire from September 2019 to November 2020.

This study is an evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy’s (CAP) impact on balanced territorial development of rural areas across EU-28: socio-economic aspects. The main focus of the study is on territorial development of rural areas, which are investigated through the analysis of socio-economic aspects and social inclusion. The evaluation work is articulated around six evaluation criteria: causal analysis, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance, European added value.

In February – March 2020, consultations were conducted in Estonia in the form of case study and interviews, which were aimed at the following stakeholders:

  • public authorities responsible for implementing CAP instruments and measures in EU Member States including paying agencies, other agencies, authorities and services in charge of direct payment and policies related to rural development and more in general territorial development;
  • consultancies, farmers and their families, farmers' organisations, individual citizens, academia and experts as well as non-governmental organisations and other relevant civil society organisations;
  • members of the CAP Monitoring and Evaluation Expert Group.

 The project contact in Agricultural Research Centre: Eduard Matveev, e-mail: eduard.matveev[a]pmk.agri.ee

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