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Baltic Sea Regional Conference „Quo vadis, farmland biodiversity?“

Time: 14-15 November 2012

Location: Estonia, Tartu

The EU has introduced several measures to help stabilise and strengthen the existing agricultural biodiversity in Europe and reduce the potentially harmful impacts of farming. Europe’s agricultural policy makers acknowledge the need to design strategic approaches capable of promoting farm profitability whilst avoiding actions that damage natural resources. But relationships between farm practices and the diversity of natural resources are not always clear; they are complex, differ by region and are long in the making. Understanding the relations between biodiversity and sustainable agricultural production and translating such knowledge into supported management practices that can be applied at the scale of farms and landscapes is of key importance for an environmentally friendly agriculture in Europe whilst also in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

Purpose of the event: The conference will bring together a range of stakeholders with an active interest in the farmland biodiversity of the BSR in order to discuss a) the current situation with farmland biodiversity in the region and b) what can be done together to improve it? The conference aims especially to begin the process of developing a common position and practical policy recommendations for all Baltic Sea countries regarding appropriate biodiversity measures to be applied in the framework of CAP 2013+.

Target groups: Approximately 75 people in total working with CAP and RDP preparation, implementation, control and evaluation issues & experts/scientists of farmland biodiversity in the BSR.


  • The Estonian Agricultural Research Centre
  • The Estonian Ministry of Agriculture

The Conference is financed by the Technical Assistance measure of Estonian RDP 2007-2013 and is free of charge (coffee breaks, lunches). Participants are expected to cover their accommodation and travel costs. 



Conference proceedings

Statement from the Baltic Sea Region conference: “Quo Vadis, Farmland Biodiversity?” sent to the European Commission and European Parliament


14 November:

What is a farmland biodiversity? An academic point of view Irina Herzon

What is a farmland biodiversity? A farmer`s point of view Aarne Ots

Farmland biodiversity in BSR and intervening factors Pille Koorberg

On-going and future Rural Development Programmes under the CAP: a challenge or an opportunity for high nature value farming and biodiversity protection Trees Robijns

View on the relationship between farming and biodiversity. A case study of Sweden David Ståhlberg

Farming and biodiversity - where are borders for the high nature values? A case study of Estonia Iiri Raa

Are birds the best indicators for farmland? Juha Tiainen

Bumblebees as farmland biodiversity indicators in Estonia Eneli Viik

Plant communities of high nature value grasslands Anders Jacobson

Landscape indices and farmland biodiversity Juliana Dänhardt

Role of functional agro-biodiversity (FAB) in preserving nature values Felix Wäckers
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