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Seminar on European Learning Network on Functional AgroBiodiversity (ELN-FAB) in Baltic Sea Region

Time: 25-26 August 2010

Location: Estonia, Rakvere  

EU farmers and policy makers increasingly acknowledge that biodiversity and agricultural production need not necessarily be in conflict, but can potentially strengthen each other. Understanding the relations between biodiversity and sustainable agricultural production and translating such knowledge into management practices that can be applied at the scale of farms and landscapes, is of key importance for a robust and environmentally friendly agriculture in Europe. In this context, the concept of Functional AgroBiodiversity (FAB) has recently been introduced. FAB has been defined as “those elements of biodiversity at the scale of agricultural fields or landscapes, which provide ecosystem services that support sustainable agricultural production and can also deliver benefits to the regional and global environment and the public at large”.

The project „European Learning Network on Functional AgroBiodiversity“ (ELN-FAB) aims to bring together the knowledge and practical experience of agrobiodiversity. The network is set to provide a platform and facility for exchange of knowledge and practical experiences with other EU Member States, between farmers, policymakers, scientists, businesses and NGOs, to enable fast and effective implementation of best practices in order to help to optimize agrobiodiversity benefits and promote sustainable agriculture.

Purpose of the event: During the 1,5 day seminar we will get familiar with the Functional Agrobiodiversity concept, what are the drivers behind this approach and what we can do to make natural processes to work for us to achieve food production together with healthy ecosystem. Seminar includes also a field trip.

Target groups: We expect to the seminar people from scientific communities, policymakers who are related to agri-environment policy and representatives of the farmers’ community.


  • The Estonian Agricultural Research Centre
  • The Estonian Ministry of Agriculture
  • European Centre for Nature Conservation (host of ELN-FAB)

The Seminar is financed by the Technical Assistance measure of Estonian RDP 2007-2013 and is free of charge (including program, coffee and tea, lunches, dinner and excursion), participants are expected to cover their accommodation and travel cost. Seminar is held in English and you are welcome to present a poster during the seminar.





25 August:

Landscape changes and agriculture Kalev Sepp

The ELN-FAB concept Veronika Mikos

Practical agrobiodiversity Mirjam Pulleman

Promoting biodiversity in multi-functional landscapes - Solabio Marion Liberloo

Agricultural practices beneficial for conservation of specific selected habitat types and species Claus Goldberg

DEMO FARM (Development of Latvian-Estonian network for demonstration of environmentally friendly farming practices) Andrejs Briedis

Agrobiodiversity as part of in semi-natural habitats and cultural heritage Kaja Lotman

Field visits: Leedikõrve Plant Production (conventional farming) and Sae farm (breeding Estonian native sheep)

26 August:

How shelterbelts can stimulate biocenotic regulation? Krzysztof Kujawa

Exploitation of parasitoids of the pollen beetle Heikki Hokkanen

Targeted biocontrol of strawberry grey mould Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen

What´s beyond our sight? Soil fauna biodiversity in field soils Stefan Schrader

Farmland biodiversity – in the hands and minds of farmers Johan Ahnström
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