Laboratory of Plant Health and Microbiology

E-mail taimetervis[a]pmk.agri.ee, Phone +372 672 9161

Analysis and activities conducted:

  • Bacterial diseases and phytoplasmas on plant material:
    potato ring-rot and potato brown rot, fire-blight on fruit trees and strawberry leaf spot disease, Xylella fastidiosa etc.
  • Plant viruses and viroids on:
    potatoes (PVA, PVY, PVX, PVM, PVS, PLRV, and PSTVd); vegetables (PepMV, TSWV, CMV); fruit trees (PPV); berry trees (BRV, BRRV); ornamental plants (HVX) etc.
  • Plant and soil nematodes and nematodes on wood:
    potato cyst nematode, potato tuber nematode, stem and bulb eelworm, strawberry foliar nematode, pine wood nematode etc.
  • Insect pests, mites, fungal diseases from plants, plant products, and detection of weed seeds
  • Identification and confirmation of plant diseases and pests by molecular biology methods and sequencing
  • Microbiological analyses of plant products, feedstuff, compost and soil
  • Bacteria, aerobic sporulation bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and moulds, Fusarium sp from agricultural products:
    cereal, silage, hay, feedstuff, feedstuff components etc.
  • Detection of general toxicity in cereal, cereal products, feedstuffs and feedstuff components
  • Preserving and expanding the collection of micro-organisms necessary for applied researc
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Address: Teaduse str. 4, 75501 Saku, Harju county, ESTONIA