Laboratory of Cereal and Feeds

Analysis conducted:

  • Cereal and cereal products, pulses: 
    general quality parameters, sensory analysis, infestation, impurities, magnetic metal admixture, rheological analysis, baking tests
  • Oilseeds and oil:
    moisture (except flax oil), oil content, chlorophyll, erucic acid, glucosinolates, free fatty acids (FFA), content of fatty acids and other quality parameters
  • Feedstuffs, feed material and foodstuffs of plant origin:
    determination of nutritional parameters and metabolic energy, amino acids
  • Determination of nutritional parameters, fermentation quality and metabolic energy of silage
  • Bioenergy plants - cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin contents, calorific value (calculated from elemental analyses)
  • In the case of cereal intervention, checking the conformity of the technical condition of the intervention warehouse
  • In the case of cereal intervention, conducting quality analysis for samples
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