Viljandi Variety Testing CentreViljandi Variety Testing Centre is located in the Viljandi county village of Matapera, in the former farm fields “Kamara”, “Tibari” and “Varesi”. Variety Testing Centre is situated circa 6 km from the city of Viljandi, beside the Viljandi-Heimtali road – nearby river Raudna.


Variety Testing Centre was found on 5. January 1946. The aim was to test different species in equal growth conditions that estimates their value for cultivation and use to make sure which varieties suit our climate. In 1946 there were only 32 varieties under testing, year by year the amount of tests and varieties has increased and in 1959 already 102 were tested. Now Viljandi Variety Testing Centre has 2 departments – value testing department and variety control department. In testing year of 2006 there were 167 varieties under value testing. In variety control department we are carry out DUS (distinctness, uniformity, stability) tests for Estonian varieties. Besides that we carry out post-control tests.


Land resource: the area of Variety Testing Centre has reached 187 ha from which arable land is 71 ha. Today we use in general 69,1 ha, whence arable land is 64 ha. The land belongs to state.

Technical base: to carry out the fieldtests, Viljandi Variety Testing Centre has 2 testthrowers Wintersteiger, 3 combine harvesters from firms Hege and Wintersteiger, 5 tractors, a dryer, a testsorter etc. To keep up the whole machinery we have a workshop where is also a special room with seed-dressing equipment.