The Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) is an official institution in governance of Ministry of Agriculture where consolidated laboratories, field testing centres and departments are carrying out different agri-environmental tasks. The mission of the Agricultural Research Centre is to assist Estonian agriculture in the framework of the European Union’s (EU) common agricultural policy through official control analyses and by creating and exchanging new knowledge.


The organisation has competency in different areas: soils, seeds, fertilisers, feeding stuffs, grain and grain products, plant product quality and safety analysis, identification of plant diseases and pests, and evaluation of agri-environment activities of Estonian Rural Development Plan.


Reliability of service to the national monitoring system, market regulation measures, producers and scientific organisations is assured through the quality system of ARC`s structural units, in accordance with standards EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025, EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17020 and EVS-ISO 9001, ISTA, CPVO, GAFTA.


The joint task for Department of Agricultural Research and Monitoring are:

  • Evaluation of agri-environment activities of Estonian Rural Development Plan
  • Collection and management of the data related to the evaluation
  • Dissemination of the evaluation results and raising environmental awareness of agricultural producers